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Don't fuck wih me.

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I'm getting a new lj now. I've...changed a lot since I first got this journal (if you don't believe me, go to my archives and read my first few emo entries) and I think I should get a new one, just to mark the passing of an era. Oo, now I sound all melodramatic.

But seriously, a lot has happened since year seven. Like, I got over my preoccupation with teenaged angst, I became a lesbian, got a girlfriend (a few times), matured (a little bit, anyway), etcetera.

So I'm off to register 'Doomette' as my lj, because no one has that as an lj name yet. Yeah. I guess that's all I wanted to say. Friend my new journal - it'll be less emo that this one :)

[Edit] Ok, So I got my new lj, but I'll be using both lj's until I've got the other one up and running properly, and you lot've all friended me! >:D

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discontent discontent
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meme time once more.

Here we go:
I'm going to turn the ip logging feature off, and you will (hopefully) post something (anonymously) about yourself.
How you feel about me, random events, I don't care. Just, anonymously.
Have fun. XD

(Oh, and for those who care, my shoulder is fucking painful. :( )

[Edit: now fixed, you can officially post stuff!]


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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

From now, mainly because I can. :P
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blah blah
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Much love to my new layout, much love. Found on the community potterpuff_fans, which is awesome and cuuuute. Give much love-ness to jigglylovesyou, who made it. :D YAY!
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I can draw guys!!!!! W00t!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Also have finished beta-ing chap 2 of The Journals, and have sent it to Jasmine. :D

Also drawing cute guy/guy pic. :) If you like my drawing you'll love this. :D


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accomplished go me, go me
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Well. www.yaoi-dreams.com woohoo! Just what I needed, a yaoi forum speshially (i know i didn't spell that right) for rp!!! :D:D:D:D yay. I have joined, and made a character, and the rp will start soon . Am I pleased or what? And we even have TWO guys posting!!! :D:D:D much love.
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gods, my icons seem so childish, looking at other people's work. *is embarressed muchly* but, I still like them...a bit...
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like, omg, has anyone else seen Mew Mew Power? Awesome. think cutie anime catgirls crossed over with sailor moon. Awesome or what?
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I made this icon, like it?

Also, I have an account at greatestjournal. I was looking at the 13 icons I'd made on this computer, and I needed someplace to put them, so, there they are. follow the linkies. (icons, and then more.) http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/draco_luva/ checky out plz

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Oh My Fucking God. Spoilers for HBP hereCollapse )

On another note, I am back with INTERNET! w00t. And my health is about 30/100. I do not feel good. blech

But I got HBP! and I read it in under 6 hours. that's 100 pages in less than an hour. I am proud. Very.

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